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Some of this is a rehash of something I've already posted on LiveJournal, so bear with me if you read me there too.

So, I got my Pottermore last week. I'd been watching the blogs and tweets of friends who got in before me, and by the time I got in, I was quite terrified about the Sorting. Despite the fact that the only POINT of the Epilogue, in my opinion (aside from establishing Slytherin as "not evil") was to reinforce the fact that choice is important to the Sorting Hat, the Pottermore Sorting quiz does NOT take a witch or wizard's preference into account. Doesn't even ask about it.

I have spoken with friends in the past about the fact that longer Sorting quizzes tend to be more accurate, and it has been pointed out to me that debating the statistical significance of Sorting quiz questions shows me very clearly to be a Ravenclaw. Unfortunately Pottermore disagreed. I was sorted into Gryffindor.

Now, I'm not having an identity crisis over it, although there may have been some tears the first day. And I'm still enjoying Pottermore (I mean, in book one alone, we got McGonagall's romantic history, and the complete listing of wand woods and their associated qualities!) but it's not becoming my fandom home on the web, like I expected it to be. Of course, it also doesn't help that they haven't yet posted anything BEYOND book one (which I had read through twice in the first day) and I have yet to try duelling, because that system has been down since before I got in, but since this is still beta, several of us are hoping that they will overhaul the Sorting system, and allow those of us who feel we've been mis-Sorted a chance to take it again once the site opens wide.

In other news, my co-organizer for Harry Potter Club came up with a great idea for our September meetup. We're having a wand-making bee. He did some rough research, and has some wood-working equipment in his garage, so we're going over there next weekend to make wands. Of course, I already have about four wands, so I don't need another one, but my Pure Speculation costume is going to need a staff, so I'm going to find an out of the way corner and some sandpaper, and that will probably keep me busy for a good chunk of the afternoon.

Thursday night, my friend The Ninja and I attended the YEG Girl Geeks Dinner for September, with guest speaker Karen Weekes, who writes and edits videogame dialogue for BioWare! It was a lot of fun, and dinner was lovely as usual, but the highlight of the evening for me was meeting another local Nerdfighter. I was explaining my This Star Won't Go Out bracelet to The Ninja, and the woman almost directly across the table from me perked up, and waved her DFTBA bracelet at me. And then we both tweeted about it. (NERDS!)
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LiveJournal is down. I had pretty much decided that (except for when I forget) my LiveJournal was to be my Real Life blog, and DreamWidth would be my fandom blog. But LiveJournal is down.

I've been having issues for years with the state of my house. My Father was something of a neat freak, so the house I grew up in was always mostly tidy through no effort of mine, with my bedroom being a small pocket of squalor within an otherwise reasonably clean environment. That was just the way it was. Now, I find myself in the unfamiliar position of being "the tidy one." The problem is, that although the current state of the house bothers me far more than it seems to My Sweetie, I have a lot of trouble bringing myself to do anything about it.

We had conceived the idea, awhile back, of having people over at least once a month. This pretty much forces us to keep the "public" areas of the house, namely kitchen and living room, in fairly decent shape, which is good, but at the same time it actually makes it more difficult to make any progress on the parts of the house that are literally STUFFED FULL of stuff. In order to make any progress there, I'll need to pull the stuff out INTO the living room so that I can even see what all's there an figure out what to do with it. I know that a huge step in this progress is going to be getting RID of a lot of the stuff, but I'm having trouble even figuring out what all's THERE right now!

And now I'm repeating myself.

Finally: I don't think I've ever seen Hank Green appear so angry in a vlog.

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I'm afraid I had somewhat forgotten you....

I had decided a while ago that this was going to be my fandom blog, but I completely forgot to update in the run-up to DH2. There was, however, a fair bit of updateness going on over at LJ if you want to take a look. It's Monday now, and between Wednesday and Saturday I managed to see the movie three times, but only paid for it once. I'd call that a win. 

Also, lies about our sadness level aside, the Journal article did have the effect that I had in mind when I agreed to the interview, which is that there have been a few new members join the club in the last few days. :)  There was also an article that ran in Metro that was NOT full of lies. Needless to say, I appreciated this.

We read lots of the tweets coming out of LeakyCon this year, and were jealous that we couldn't be there this time around. However, in the fall, I've got a fair chance of getting a maternity leave position that will have me working fulltime for most of the school year. If that happens, we'll be able to go to Ascendio next year! Fingers crossed!
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So I took an important step today. I sent the first chapter of my fanfic-in-progress to the lovely lady who's agreed to be my first reader. I wanted someone whose opinion I value to look it over and tell me that it doesn't suck, and my Husband doesn't count, because he's pretty much contractually obligated to say nice things (because "Remember that sex you were gonna have, EVER AGAIN?...") I'm still a little unsure what I'm going to DO with it, even when it's ready to be read, but I suppose that will come later....
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So, I was talking with my buddy the Ninja, who is busy trying to put together the formal programming schedule for this year's Pure Speculation Festival. I had been kind of sitting on the idea of screening the Wizard Rockumentary at last year's Pure Spec, but didn't even end up being able to attend the festival. This year, I really have no choice but to attend.

I will be overseeing the screenings of The Wizard Rockumentary, and also Coach Pyne's HP fanfilms: "The Marauders' Worst Memory" and "The Potter Prophecy." I have shown all of these films to my Harry Potter Club, and they've all been quite well-received. I've also been asked to speak on Harry Potter, as I am "the Potteriest girl" the Ninja knows.

So, I need topics. He'd like me to take two time-slots, one on the Saturday, and one on the Sunday. I did write a fantastic paper several years ago on Harry Potter and religion that I could use... if that's not too esoteric for this crowd.... I could also do something on the naming of characters, but I'm not sure if I'd be able to make that a reasonable length....

I definitely need to do some reading. I'll need to locate my copy of John Granger's Seven Keys to Harry Potter, and get my hands on a copy of Looking for God in Harry Potter. Maybe I'll also take a look at Edmund Kern's The Wisdom of Harry Potter. That'll be a good start at least....
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So... Dreamwidth, huh?...
It only just occurred to me that I should really do something with this account I have....
I haven't fully decided what I'm going to do with my Dreamwidth, but I know it's *not* going to just be a clone of my LiveJournal because I already have one of those.

This is going to be my fandom place, but I also do a fair bit of fandom blogging on LJ. The trick is, I'm trying to get a couple of things started, and this seems like a good place to do that. I am working on putting a few songs together for a Wizard Rock band that a couple friends of mine and I are trying to start, and I'm also very slowly working on my first foray into fanfic. It's nowhere near ready for posting, but I am looking for beta readers, if anyone's interested.


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